How to get a career in conservation

by James Borrell “I think it is far more important to save one square mile of wilderness, anywhere, by any means, than to produce another book on the subject.” – Edward Abbey 1. Don’t think of it as a career, it’s a passion. Conservation has been described as a thoroughly depressing business, and that’s probably […]

How to be a freelance outdoor instructor

by Stephan Natynczuk, My Big Adventure CIC The idea of being freelance is very attractive for many outdoor enthusiasts, especially new ones to the industry, fresh from college or a fast track instructor scheme.  The attraction is often overwhelmingly romantic, a bohemian existence working here and there, having lots of fun and having lots of […]

How to become a Scuba Diving Instructor

by Robert Small, Scuba Instructor and Explorer I am often asked “how do I get your job?” or ” your job is like one big vacation!” well firstly the fact I make it look like one long vacation means I’m doing it very well because let me tell you it’s not! Secondly, to get this […]