Expedition Researcher (Volunteer)

at Conservation Without Borders
Location Any location, United Kingdom
Date Posted 1st September 2019
Category Entry-level
In the field & office
In the office
Job Type Part-time
Remote working



Conservation without Borders is a charity set up to run conservation expeditions, in association with partners, that help get scientists and the public inside the head of migratory species, in the style of the 2016 expedition ‘Flight of the Swans’, in which we followed the migration of Bewick’s swans from arctic Russia to the UK.

Conservation without Borders will use bold adventures and innovative story-telling techniques to bring scientists and conservationists together into powerful, focused collaborations, and get mass media, public, political and industry engagement in critical conservation issues.

We have our next expedition in planning at the moment, and will be able to explain all to the volunteer/s that end up working with us.

As a start-up charity we are looking for a few skilled and passionate individuals happy to offer some of their time to help get this project off the ground. One of those roles is story and media research.


What help do we need from researchers?

We need help with anything from researching stories in the UK and overseas; sourcing footage and photos from interviews, setting up online meetings with potential key contacts, online research. Basically, looking for the most powerful local stories and characters and existing visuals that we could use, to help us bring expeditions and issues to life in a really engaging way.


Skills, attributes and experience

We are looking for an experienced researcher with an interest in science and the natural world but a skill for uncovering stories of people and nature, and a good understanding of visual story-telling. The ideal person/people will already have experience of working with mainstream media, or a good understanding of the needs of news and popular programmes that reach a general audience.

We need a confident communicator with initiative, who will be happy speaking to researchers and others.

A methodical approach to handling media files source, and keep records of contacts and permissions, is also essential. Some knowledge of other languages could be of some help but is not necessary.



The role can be done from home, assuming you have strong internet, relevant hardware and software.



Varied but the work could be fit around a standard work week, although some calls might need to be made during 9-5 period. Team meetings will be in the evenings and online usually, although there will be physical meet-ups that you would be encouraged to attend if you can.


Benefits to the volunteer/s:

This is a vital role to help create an engaging visual brand for an important cause. You will

  • play a critical role in an important and ground-breaking conservation project
  • be part of a highly motivated team with a challenging mission
  • receive invitations to team meetings, expedition fundraising and profile-raising events in 2019/20.


To apply:

Contact [email protected] with a few words describing why you are interested and any relevant projects you have worked on, and/or if you wish a CV.


This is a voluntary role, so no payment will be given for time or general expenses, except where a specific item is being ordered on behalf of the expedition team with prior approval of the budget holder.

Note that this project and elements of it will be confidential and this must be respected by all team members.

Photos, videos and updates about the expedition and the planning are a strength of the project, as is getting that communication out to the biggest audience possible. So whilst all project-related content will be delivered or posted in the first instance via the official project PR team or on official project social media accounts, we would encourage you to share as widely as possible with a personal comment or interpretation, to your contacts and through any forums you think might be interested.

We are particularly keen to hear from members of the Explorers Connect community so please mention Explorers Connect in your application.