Adventure Mind 2024

AdventureMind 2024

Adventure Mind is a conference series exploring the importance of adventure to wellbeing and mental health. It is for everyone who is interested in in understanding the connection between adventure and wellbeing, including outdoor professionals, wellbeing practitioners, researchers, health professionals & all adventurers.

Adventure Mind 2024 will be held on Thurs 21st & Fri 22nd November 2024

This year’s theme is ‘Accessible Adventures’ and the conferences will be hosted by Beyond Bendrigg, in partnership with The University of Central Lancashire.

‘Accessibility’ encompasses many factors. During the conference themes including disability, gender identity, race, and socio-economic factors – and the intersectionality between these, will be explored to help you design accessible and inclusive adventures that break down the barriers to participation and give more opportunities for everyone to experience the power of adventure. This conference is designed to equip you with the latest research, share practice, improve networks,and share resources, to increase the impact and effectiveness of your work.

Full details and tickets available on 5th April 2024

If you would like to share your research at the conference please apply here

If you would like to share your project, service, personal story or evidence-based practice at the conference or if you have any questions about the conference please contact Sara Murray at Bendrigg [email protected]